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REFRIGERATED LIQUID CHILLER CGW gold series • 170 - 500 kW
ATS - Air Treatment Solutions

The CGW range represents a new generation of high-efficiency chillers for industrial applications.
The ever-increasing need to reduce the operating consumption in industrial processes has called for the implementation of a range that was strongly oriented to the maximum performance in terms of efficiency, while maintaining strength and reliability.
The chillers of the CGW range are characterized by the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410a, which provides high performance, condensing battery with Microchannel CGW logy and V-geometry, electronic thermostatic valve and modulating adjustment of the fan, which ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy.


The units are designed with strength and flexibility, ensuring the integrity of the machines during normal transport both on truck and in container.
The components and the assembly logic are designed to ensure maximum reliability and accessibility for maintenance.
The double circuit with tandem or three compressors ensures optimum operation at different loads, providing greater longevity, with particular attention to industrial applications that require intensive use (H24/365).
Outdoor Installation

The CGW range is designed to be used in any outdoor installation.
The electrical panel with IP54 protection guarantees proper safety measures for the electronic and electrical components. The various options allow an extension of the operating limits at both low and high temperatures.

Condensing battery with V-design

The condensing module with cross V-design allows greater modularity of the units, with particular attention to air distribution and maximum accessibility of components.
The condenser batteries use the Microchannel CGW logy, which allows high efficiency on very reduced thickness and contained load loss.