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AFTER COOLER ECW water cooler gold series
ATS - Air Treatment Solutions
ECW water cooler
Data refer to the following nominal conditions

• Inlet air temperature: 120°C
• Inlet air pressure: 7 bar
• Inlet water temperature: 15°C

Max working condition

please refer to datasheet
The water after-coolers ECW are composed of two parts: high efficiency shell in tube air/water heat exchanger, offering little pressure drops to cool air, and cyclone condenser separator to separate and eliminate the condensed water.
Useful for the most diverse needs and applications.
Available options:

• For all models are available the flanged inlet reduction.
• All models are available on request with ANSI or Victaulic flanged connections.
• All models are available also without separator.
• From model ECW 600 to ECW 2800 the flanged outlet reduction available.