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AFTER COOLER ECA after cooler gold series
ATS - Air Treatment Solutions
ECA after cooler
Data refer to the following nominal conditions

• Ambient temperature: 25°C
• Inlet air pressure: 7 barg

Max working condition

please refer to datasheet
This range of air cooled - after cooler uses a high-efficiency aluminium cooler rather than to the classic coil copper pipes normally used by other manufactured.
The aluminium cooler combined with the electrical fan ensures a reduction on the inlet temperature with a Delta T of 5° C from ambient temperature.
Pressure drop are irrelevant and the condensate formed is discharged through the high-efficiency condenser separator connected to the outlet of the aluminium cooler.
Available options:

• Non-standard voltages: ECA 78-628 available with V 115/1/60.
• ECA 940-3700 available with V 230/1/50-60 or V 400/3/50-60.
• ECA 940-3700 available with V 460/3/60.
• Connections: ECA 78-2800 available with NPT connections.
• ECA 3100-3700 available with ANSI connections.
• All models are available also without separator, motor or frame
• ECA 450-3700 available with pneumatic motor